AOW: Investing In African Energy

01 Feb 2024 | Event News

Over three decades, AOW has seen the world change, navigating global crises, price fluctuations, and geopolitical shifts.

AOW has continued to evolve throughout its history to respond to market needs, which includes expanding our programme to reflect African interests and priorities around the monetisation of hydrocarbons and  the integration of transition fuels such as gas and hydrogen and new energies.

The milestone 30th edition of AOW will see the integration of the Green Energy Africa Summit into AOW, propelling our mission to new heights as we provide an inclusive view of all types of energy opportunities across Africa.

To mark this monumental transformation, we have changed our name to AOW: Investing in African Energy and have launched a brand new website at where you can discover all things new for 2024, including our key content themes:
• Sustainable development of the upstream
• Expansion of gas value-chains
• Integration of renewables and new energies
• Adoption of best-in-class technologies
• Access to finance

The AOW community is a powerhouse of collaboration, uniting thousands of African energy stakeholders – African governments, operators, producers, investors, and service providers for many years.

Together, we broker deals and secure partnerships that accelerate Africa’s energy transformation.

Finally, while the 30th edition of AOW: Investing in African Energy will take place later this year in October, there is no need to wait until then to catch up on the latest industry developments.

AOW: Investing in African Energy serves as an all-year-round industry knowledge hub dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into everything related to African Energy.

Keep up to date by following us on social media, reading the latest articles on our website, and signing up for our newsletter.

Thank you for being an integral part of the AOW community; we look forward to seeing you at AOW in October to celebrate 30 incredible years!
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