Shearwater GeoServices


Shearwater GeoServices
Shearwater measures the earth to increase knowledge of our planet for a responsible future. 

The powerful fleet, complete with modern technology, is manned by experienced crews working safely and efficiently in all operating conditions to deliver a cost-effective and high-quality service. 

Our Processing & Imaging department provide agile, responsive teams of industry qualified experts, available when, where and for however long you need them. Giving you high quality data rapidly to reduce costs and build in flexibility at the heart of your project. 

The Shearwater intuitive software solution, Reveal, is a full processing software that can scale to run from a laptop in the field through to the largest data centre. It is modern, powerful and extensible, perfect for all demanding seismic data analysis. 

By combining technology, innovation and client collaboration at every step, Shearwater deliver exceptional geophysical results.