Business Services


Play a critical role in the expansion of Africa’s energy sector

Business services, including law firms, investment bankers, finance companies, business advisors, and consultants, are an integral part of the AOW community. We welcome the expertise and participation of these professionals, who play a critical role in the expansion of Africa’s energy sector by facilitating investment, forming legal frameworks, providing financial planning, and offering strategic consulting.

Why attend AOW?

Discover new developments before anyone else

Learn about upcoming projects and technology trends across Africa’s oil, gas, power, renewable, and hydrogen industries and stay ahead of your competition by gathering knowledge and insights from leaders across the industry.

Engage with key decision makers

Meet the right decision makers and engage with existing and future clients across a wide range of industries and geographies. AOW is the leading meeting place for Africa’s energy sector where you will get to meet an entire continent within 4 days.

Expand your market reach to more potential customers

AOW is a prime platform to network with key public and private sector leaders and forge relationships that elevate your business. Sponsor, exhibit, or present on the stage to demonstrate your expertise to potential clients seeking project partners.

Business Services who attend AOW

"AOW is potentially one of the biggest events in energy worldwide"

Eng. Frederico Martins Correia, Partner at Deloitte, highlights AOW's global appeal and Deloitte's consistent presence there over the years.

Who will you meet?


Oil and Gas Operators (National, Independent, and Major)

Operators require extensive financial planning, legal frameworks, and strategic consulting to ensure the successful execution of their projects. Meet NOCs, IOCs and Supermajors at AOW to secure contracts, offer financial services, legal advice, and consulting on exploration, drilling, production, and infrastructure projects.


Engage directly with Government Representatives

Attending AOW enables you to learn about regulatory frameworks, investment opportunities, and governmental support programmes from government officials and offer tailored solutions that align with national policies and regulatory requirements.


Renewable Energy Companies, technology providers and innovators

As the energy sector diversifies, business services can support the transition to renewable energy by providing expertise in financing, legal structuring, and strategic planning. Likewise, business services can also offer advice on the financial and strategic aspects of adopting new technologies, ensuring seamless implementation and maximizing returns on investment.