Executive Advisory Committee Member: Unni Fjaer


Unni Fjaer

Country Manager Tanzania, Equinor

Unni Fjaer was the Vice President Operation for Equinor Canada from 2018 to end of 2020 and is currently acting Country Manager for Canada since May 2020. Prior to taking on this role, Unni held the position as Equinor’s location manager in Hammerfest, Norway, responsible for the company’s LNG production.

Previously, Unni held several positions within Equinor, including as a platform manager offshore Norway and HR manager for operations Mid-Norway. Unni joined Equinor in 1993 as a Principal Engineer / Researcher and advanced her way into Senior roles in Equinor within Operations and Marketing, Midstream and Processing. Prior to joining Equinor, Unni was working as a researcher in SINTEF.

Outside Equinor, Unni served as a Board Member in Canadas Ocean Supercluster (2018- 2021) and Chair of the Board for Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (2019- 2020)

Unni holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and began her career with Equinor 28 years ago in research and development.

Unni M.S. Fjaer is married, has two children and is a Norwegian citizen.