Geological and Geophysical (G&G)


G&G companies get a premium stage to showcase their services at AOW

Amidst renewed spending on exploration across Africa, AOW will once again welcome the world’s top Geological and Geophysical (G&G) players to unlock more deals that can support exploration and production efforts across the continent’s established markets and new frontiers.

Why attend AOW?

Pitch your latest solutions and technologies

Explorers get a unique opportunity to engage with IOCs, NOCs and independents and to pitch their latest solutions and technologies that can support frontier and ILX exploration and assist in promoting data collection for future field development plans across Africa.

Showcase your findings to a premium audience

Geological and Geophysical companies get a premium stage to showcase their data libraries and services to a premium audience of operators and investors seeking to make deals across the African upstream.

Develop new business opportunities

Develop new business opportunities across your services portfolio and support your ventures into under-explored or new frontiers that need data collection, seismic acquisition and data interpretation.

Geological and Geophysical companies who attend AOW

"It's a great way to be caught up on the industry"

Hear from Connor Mooney, Operations Supervisor at Polaris Natural Resource Development about the importance of attending AOW.

Who will you meet?


Engage directly with government representatives

AOW offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with government representatives, facilitating discussions on new contracting opportunities for shooting data. By leveraging existing government partnerships, you can enhance your credibility and establish a solid foundation for future success in licensing rounds.


Influential decision-makers

AOW provides an exceptional platform for engaging with Super Majors, IOCs, NOCs, and independents, presenting an ideal setting to forge deals and spotlight your offerings to influential decision-makers. By showcasing your data snapshots to CEOs, COOs, VPs of Exploration, and New Ventures, you position yourself for lucrative contracts and heightened exposure.