2024 Themes

Our world-class event in Cape Town is the result of decades of experience delivering industry conferences with high-production value and unrivalled networking opportunities. Our stages set the scene for thought leaders to share expertise, inspire policy and showcase groundbreaking projects to help drive capital and investments into Africa, thereby positioning the continent at the forefront of the global energy market.

In 2024, we come together for the 30th time to celebrate Africa and mark the grand anniversary of the AOW community. This year will be marked by key discussions, debates and sessions around the major topics and themes that our community deeply cares about.

African governments and operators are committed to an inclusive development of their natural resources and the promotion of low-carbon business models and technologies. AOW provides the platform to promote future exploration and production projects, discuss the latest industry trends, and share experiences on how the African upstream can remain relevant and competitive in today’s world.

Gas is a transition fuel for most countries in Africa, yet its monetization has remained limited. AOW is committed to being the platform that unlocks value from African gas by unlocking capital for export projects, bringing stakeholders around the need to scale up domestic monetization, and advocate for a pragmatic use of gas to drive energy access and boost industrialization.

To develop a resilient electricity mix in Africa, AOW will explore the challenges and opportunities of integrating additional new energy capacity within the African grid. In doing so, we are committed to exploring all sources of energy including the potential of new energies like hydrogen and future fuels to support the next wave of industrialization on the continent.

Technologies always feature prominently on the AOW stages, and we will once again communicate and promote local, regional and international technologies that can help Africa address its energy deficit, strengthen the cost-efficiency and competitiveness of its value-chains, and maximise value from the continent’s natural resources.

The AOW community has long been driven by dealmaking and gaining access to top financiers and investors on the continent. As the continent seeks to secure billions of dollars for oil, gas, renewables and power infrastructure, AOW will explore the various options and opportunities of diversifying Africa’s funding for energy projects.