Nick Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer Renergen

Nick Mitchell is Chief Operating Officer at Renergen, which owns the country’s first and only Onshore Petroleum Production Right awarded to its subsidiary Tetra4 (Pty) Ltd.

Having focused on the Energy sector since 2013, he has jointly led development the Virginia Gas Project from a green field, stranded gas asset, into a world-class operating and producing natural gas field. The project involved the complete integration across the upstream exploration, mid-stream processing and downstream distribution, setting new benchmarks for energy diversification and sustainability.

His oversight includes achieving strategic milestones such as producing the first commercial domestic LNG in South Africa. He provides strategic leadership, and direction to the team and does this in leadership style that fosters a culture of creativity, innovation, and cross-functional teamwork. Has served as Chairman of the Onshore Petroleum Association of South Africa (ONPASA) since 2017 and was appointed as a Trustee to the Upstream Training Trust (UTT) in 2020 and represented the UTT in a temporary Chairman role too.