Nick de Blocq

CEO Kinetiko Energy

Nick de Blocq is an oilfield engineer and currently the CEO of Kinetiko Energy, an ASX listed company with onshore gas assets in South Africa. Kinetiko is the owner of the Rights Holder in SA, Afro Energy, which has over 6000 km2 under exploration rights and application. Afro Energy has a certified gas resource of 6 TCF 2C and 5.8 TCF 2U.

Nick has over 36 years of global upstream experience across 70 countries in varying levels of management, mostly with Schlumberger. From field engineering roles to location and multi-country management, he has performed as a Sub-Saharan Geomarket BDM, Africa VP for an American corporate, he has consulted into the industry, helped to grow a local services company in the Mauretania-Senegal area and briefly ran an Environmental Services company in Mozambique before being asked to join Kinetiko.

He has served on the SA National Ports Authority Oil and Gas Committee and has strong relationships in the offices of the Petroleum Regulator and DMRE due to his unwavering focus on compliance and safety.

Nick has spoken at various industry conferences and chaired sessions across the continent of Africa over the last three decades.