Investing in Africa: Our Energy Transition Portfolio


Celebrating 30 Years of Industry Excellence alongside AOW: Investing in African Energy, our sister event Investing in African Mining Indaba is a pivotal component of Hyve Group’s esteemed Energy Transition portfolio.

Both of these market-leading events play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of Africa. Working with our communities from around the world, we create and facilitate game-changing business opportunities which inspire industries to develop and deliver a more sustainable world for us all.


The world's largest African mining investment event, Mining Indaba attracts thousands of mining professionals from across the globe. Dedicated exclusively to advancing mining interests in Africa, the event is a catalyst for economic growth, offering a broad perspective on the continent's mining landscape.

The next Mining Indaba event takes place from 3-6 February 2025 at the CTICC 2, Cape Town. 

Investing in Africa

While AOW and Mining Indaba focus on distinct sectors, their interlinking nature lies in their shared impact on Africa's resource utilisation, infrastructure development, economic growth, technological advancements, and the overall sustainable development of the continent. 

Both industries significantly impact Africa's economic ecosystem. Discussions at our events explore ways to leverage synergies between these sectors to enhance economic diversification, promote local content development, and foster sustainable growth.

Both events are also catalysts for technological advancements and innovation. Cross-industry discussions during these events foster collaborations that drive technological innovations beneficial for efficiency, environmental sustainability, and operational excellence across both sectors.