Downloadable Country Profile: Ethiopia on the Cusp

The East African nation draws ever closer to becoming a commercial petroleum producer.

In this complimentary downloadable insight, Jane Whaley, Editor-in-Chief at GEO ExPro Magazine, explores Ethiopia’s 100 years of hydrocarbon exploration.
A country that has long held fascination for outsiders, Ethiopia is situated in the Horn of Africa at the northern end of the East African Rift System, a proven hydrocarbon hunting ground. Despite its location near successful oil and gas provinces in Yemen, Kenya and South Sudan, it has yet to yield similar riches.

One of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a population of over 100 million, Ethiopia has a growing critical need for power supplies, given that 50% of the population and 25% of health clinics lack access to electricity. While some power is supplied by hydropower, the rest is dependent on imported coal and oil. As such, the production of proven oil and gas reserves and the discovery of new resources are national imperatives. The Ethiopian Ministry of Mines is keen to welcome more oil and gas exploration and investment into the country and is currently updating its petroleum legislation to make it more investor friendly.

The full insight, which explores Ethiopia’s hydrocarbon potential in detail, can be accessed for free below.
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