Petroleum Commission Ghana

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Petroleum Commission Ghana
The Petroleum Commission was established by Parliamentary Act 821, to regulate and manage the utilization of petroleum resources and coordinate the policies in the upstream petroleum sector.

Our Mission
To promote, regulate and manage the efficient conduct of upstream petroleum operations and all allied activities and the utilization of petroleum resources on a sustainable basis for the overall benefit of the citizens of Ghana

Our Vision
A world class regulator promoting Ghana as an upstream petroleum hub

Key Functions
a.    Promote planned, sustainable and cost efficient petroleum activities
b.    Monitor and ensure compliance with national policies, laws, regulations and agreements related to petroleum activities
c.    Monitor petroleum activities and carry out the necessary inspection and audit related to the activities
d.    Promote local content and local participation in petroleum activities. 
e.    Manage a national petroleum data repository. 
f.    Issue permits for specific petroleum activities. 

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