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SINOPEC GEOPHYSICAL CORPORATION (SGC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SINOPEC Group with a history of more than 70 years. SGC mainly engages in geophysical exploration services including geophysical data acquisition, processing, interpretation, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, and comprehensive research on reservoir geophysics. SGC has 34 seismic crews and 20 non-seismic crews for engineering geophysics. SGC currently has 8000 employees. SGC is equipped with the world advanced instruments, including 375,000 channels
cable system, 286,000 nodes and 174 vibrators. It has 16 high-performance computer clusters, 2,300 CPU, 450 GPU, 2.1 teraflops computing capacity and 120PB storage capacity.
Our technologies contributed to the discovery of Puguang gas field, Fuling shale gas field, Tahe & Shunbei ultra-deep oil field, Bohai bay Transition Zone oil fields and decades of stable production of Shengli Oil Field. With advanced technologies and equipment, as well as strong capabilities, integrated geophysical service had been provided in complex areas like mountain, desert, Gobi, swamp, jungle, TZ, shallow sea, marine, polar region etc. Our services cover major oil and gas basins in China, as well as more than 30 countries including Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Algeria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc.


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