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Located in West Africa, Guinea is a coastal country, Part of the MSGBC basin, having the same geological context as several countries in the sub-region that have made the discovery.
Under the supervision of the Presidency of Republic of Guinea, SONAP is the state body responsible for petroleum administration and country’s supply of petroleum products. 
SONAP's mission is to design, develop and implement government policy in the field of petroleum products and derivatives in both the upstream and downstream sectors.
According to the latest IHS Markit ranking, Guinea ranks twelfth (12th) out of 35 in Africa and (45th) out of 117 countries in the world, The country ranks third in the MSGBC basin
With some hydrocarbon proof in conjunction with the wells informations it was possible to conduct a regional source rock maturation model for the petroleum system offshore.
Current opportunities in all offshore blocks by direct negociations and new available data, Guinea is full of enormous potential in hydrocarbons (Offshore and Onshore).

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