Our 30th Anniversary


2024 is a special year when we celebrate our community and renew our commitment to Africa’s energy sector. This 30th edition of AOW will be marked by a series of unique events and functions that will take our mission to the next level and continue driving business in Africa’s energy sector.

We are actualizing our investment in African energy.

We are leading the AOW community towards a holistic and inclusive energy transformation journey that considers the diverse needs of each country and region, where hydrocarbons, gas and new energy become an integral part of Africa’s development and energy future.

We are doing that through:

  • Investing in our content, with the appointment of a new advisory board to ensure Africa’s interests remain at the centre of all we do, and the diverse voices of the industry are amplified and inspiring the future of African energy

  • Investing in new partnerships to bring global perspectives and foster regional collaboration that will expedite and unlock opportunities to achieve a lower carbon, sustainable energy sector

  • Investing in high-touch government-led programmes, from closed-door content to facilitated bi-laterals that reinforce national energy ambitions, inform new policies and broker deals that will strengthen economies and support communities

  • Investing in the future of the industry by launching an education programme that connects industry and young minds to help bridge the skills gap, drive local content, and nurture future talent